To display your Series I, II or III Land Rover, 1st generation Range Rover, or classic exotic (eg, Unimog, Alfa Romeo Matta, Volvo Laplander, etc.), please fill the Entry Form out. This is required as there are limited spaces available. Display vehicles will be required to arrive by 8 am. Complimentary warm breakfast and coffee will be provided to display owners. Important: In addition to completing the entry form below, please email a photo of your vehicle and your name to contact@transterras.com.

Entry Form

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Release of Liability: We cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property. By sending this form, you – and anyone claiming on your behalf – hereby release the organizers, officers, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers and partners of Trans Terras (the “Event”) from any and all liability arising from said Event.